What to do if you fail to update the Android SDK

When I update the package SDK with the “Android SDK Manager” on Eclipse, I encountered an error such as the following.

[find_lock] Directory locked by eclipse.exe

After all, I have run the “SDK Manager.exe” directly as an administrator, then I have solved the problem.
(If cause is that Eclipse has a lock on the directory as the error message indicates,
you may not require administrative privileges. But this time, I’m not sure that far.)

Specific steps are as follows.

  1. Exit “Eclipse”.
  2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the %USERPROFILE%android-sdks.
  3. Right-click on the “SDK Manager.exe”, and from the context menu, select “Run as Administrator”.
  4. “Android SDK Manager” will open to update the SDK.

Fix Eclipse Problem with SDK Update – [find_lock] Directory locked by javaw.exe (eclipse.exe)

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