Migrating Android Dev’s IDE from Eclipse to IntelliJ(2)

In the previous article, I described the installation and basic configuration of IntelliJ IDEA. Android development is ready now. Then I will describe how to use it actually.

Creating a New Project

When you click “Create New Project” in Welcome screen, “New Project” window opens. Select “Application Module” in “Android” section, and specify “Project name” and “Project Location”, then press “Next”.


Enter “Application name”, “Package name” and other requried matters. Then press “Finish”.
Wait for a while, after the Tip of the Day, the project will start.

Importing an Existing Project

If you want to import an existing project, by “Import Project”, specify the folder that contains the source project and ther matters required settings. (If Eclipse project and there is “.project” file, by “Open Project”, you can import it by sepecifying the “.project” file. However, “Import Project” is more useful because you can specify the matters in detail. )

Setting “.gitignore”

If you want to manage the project in Git, you need to place “.gitignore” appropriate for your development environment. You can use gitignore/Android.gitignore at master · github/gitignore · GitHub. You can also refer to Log folder of Proguard and .gitignore on IntelliJ | DeVlog.

Open Project Folder

You can click the “Project” in the upper left to open the project folder.
From here you will be able to open the source files, such as.folder_compressed

Use SDK/AVD Manager

From the “Tools” menu, you can call “Android SDK Manager” or “AVD Manager”.

Run Application

From the “Run” menu, you can run the application.

Export Signed APK

To exprot signed APK, from the “Build” menu, click “Generate Signed APK …”.

Specify or create the path of keystore, password, and key alias.

I think you got a clue if you know above. At first, there may be a confusion. Please developing with reference also Getting Help .

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