Android Support Library

With the Support Library, you will be able to use the new API even on older platforms. In particular, if you use Fragment, introduced on Android3(API-11), you are so easy to create a multi-screen applications.

I’v not yet tried the new API. But, so it can be used immediately when it becomes necessary, I have introduced it to each project.

Right now, there are 2 types of the libraries, and minimum required API level is different for each. The one is v4(Android1.6), and the other one is v13(Android3.2). Because so many people are using the terminal of Gingerbread(Android2.3),  it may be better to introduce the v4 library.
Note: In addition to these, there is a library v7(Android2.1). But it is independent of the previous two libraries. So this time, I will not explain it.

The following procedure describes how to introduce the library.

  1.  On Eclipse, start “Window” > “Android SDK Manager”.
  2. Install the “Extra/Android Support Library”. Then, update to the latest version of it.
    support library
  3. Place the file “android-sdks/extra/android/support/v4/android-support-v4.jar” into “libs/” under the top directory of your project. Here, “android-sdks” is the directory where you installed the Android SDK. And if “libs/” is not existed, make it.
    support library
  4. In the “Project Explorer” of Eclips, right-click the file that you placed in the 3(android-support-v4.jar), and click “Build Path > Add to build path”.
    Add Build path

At this point, new API offered by support library is now available.

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Using the Android Support Library

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