When the Android SDK / AVD Manager does not appear in the “Window” Menu of Eclipse

The other day, I set up to re-install the Eclipse. Then, I noticed that there is no “Android SDK Manager” or “Android Virtual Device Manager” menu in the “Window” menu.

It is usually displayed at the next of the “Navigation” menu as shown below.

Eclipse Window Menu1

However, below is my “Window” menu at this time. Of course, ADT had been installed.

Eclipse Window Menu2

SDK/AVD Manager itself can be launched directly from the folder where you installed the SDK. Therefore, it is not a fatal problem. But It is inconvenient. (By default, Android SDK is located in the %USERPROFILE%android-sdks.)

Though there is no problem in the PC which I have been using, the above problem occurs in the newly installed PC.

I’ve just updated Android SDK to 4.2 and ADT to 21.0.0. So I’m guessing the default setting of ADT is changed.

If you update the existing ADT, there is no problem because of inheriting the settings. However, I think, if you clean install, settings become new and the problem occurs. (I don’t know why google changed the default setting.)

This problem can be overcome by modifying the settings as below.

  1. Open “Window” > “Customize Perspective”
    Eclipse Window Menu3
  2. Open “Command Groups Availavility” tab, then check “Android SDK and AVD Manager”
    Eclipse Command Groups Availavility

At least, SDK / AVD Manager will appear in the Windows menu.