Easy to Refer the Source of Android With Chrome Extension

You can see the source from the reference

In the development of Android, by looking at the reference only, you may not know the details enough. At such times, it is a good idea to look at the source. The Chrome Extension presented in this article takes you easy to do the work. With it, you will easily to be able to see the source from the reference.

All you need is only installing the extension

First of all, install Android SDK Reference Search from Chrome Web Store. It is an extension of Chrome. There is no special configuration, you just install.

Then, open the reference to a class from Android Developers as usual. For example, when you open the page in SQLiteDatabase,
As shown in the figure above, the “View Source” link is added next to the class name. When you click the link, the source is displayed as shown below.
This is very useful!!

“ad” command

Also, if you type “ad ” in the search box, you will enter the search mode of “Android SDK Reference Search”. For example, if you type “li”, the candidate classes of Android that begins with “li” appear as below.
You know Chrome is useful in devleopment of the Android.

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