Large number of warning in SDK Tools r21

In the display screen of the LogCat, I’m getting a lot of warning such as following.

Unexpected value from nativeGetEnabledTags: 0

At first, I thought if there is a problem in my code. However, the same message has been output from other processes. I do not know well nativeGetEnabledTags, too.

According to this site, this behavior has been found to be a bug in the previous update of SDK (SDK Tools, Revision 21). A solution for now is to cut the log by setting the filter. So there seems to be good.

  1. From the list of Saved Fileters, double-click the Session Filter or the filter that you have defined. (otherwize, you may define a new filter by clicking on the “+”)
  2. Input the string “^(?!.*(nativeGetEnabledTags)).*$” in “by Log Message”

In above work, we will be easy to see the log by being cut unnecessary logs.

[Reference Site]
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