Split view of one file in Sublime Text2

How to split one file into two views in Sublime Text2

You will often be coding while comparing the two places of the same file. Of course, Sublime Text2 can display vertical or horizontal split view of one file.
However, it is a little hard to understand how to do it. So, I will explain it. (In the following description, the key assignment is assumed to Windows.)

  1. Split window by View > Layout (alt + shift + num)
    Each view divided here is recognized as each “group”.
  2. Make file clone by File > “New View into File”
    Another tab of the file is made in the same group.
  3. Move to another tab by dragging & dropping the tab made in 2, or View > “Move File To Group” (Ctrl + num).

At least, you can display the same file into two groups.

To Make Shortcut for “New View into File”

By default, any shortcut is not assigned in the menu “New View into File”. If you want to assign it to “alt + shift + c”, open the definition file by Preferences > “Key Bindings – User” and add the following definition between [ ].

If you already have other definitions, add “,” after the last definition and the definition above. I think it will be as follows.

Use “SimpleClone”

Even if you define the shortcut in this way, it is cumbersome to take 3 steps: Split View > Clone File > Move Clone to Another Group. At such times, you may use a plug-in called “SimpleClone”.

If you already installed “Package Control”, you can install by Tools > “Command Palette…” > “Package Control: Install Package” > SimpleClone.

There are menu in View > SimpleClone and shortcut is as follows.
Ctrl + Shift + right: Split to right
Ctrl + Shift + down: Split down
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + n: Make clone in new window

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